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One question that I get the most in my DM's is "What is your skincare routine???". I have answered this question here and there but I have been experimenting with different products for the last few months. Well I finally have a  solid skincare routine and I can tell you where to get the exact products I use every day. 

1) Cleanse



I like to start my morning by cleansing my face with the Knours. Your Only Cleanser. This cleanser is so gentle yet so effective. It removes all oil, dirt, and imperfections from the skin. Since I started using this product I have noticed my skin is softer, brighter, and just feels super clean.

You can purchase this product here for $25.


2) Tone


This is the one skincare product that I swear by and I absolutely cannot live without. Solution by Glosser is a chemical exfoliator that can transform your skin in 4 weeks. I wish this was around when I was a teenager but I am so grateful to have it in my life now. 

This product is what makes my skin so clear and blemish free (most days).

You can purchase this product here for $24. It's worth 100x its weight in gold. Thank me later.

Then I spray my face with this toner:


 This Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner ($36) smells refreshing and perfectly soothes my skin after exfoliating with the Glossier Solution. It tones and rebalances the skin without dehydrating.

3) Apply serums


This Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed by Innisfree ($20) has been my saving grace this cold Winter. It's easily my favorite smelling skincare product right now but it also feels incredible on my skin. It's insanely hydrating and keeps my skin that way all day, through the cold and all. 

I also have a serum specifically for my under-eyes. 

The Eye Serum by MDNA Skin ($180) is the priciest part of my routine but definitely worth it if you struggle from dark circles and puffiness like I do. MDNA Skin has some of my favorite skincare products I have ever tried (moisturizer coming up next) and this serum is one of them. 

I have tried many different eye creams and serums. Most that I've tried have at least one of these three problems: they irritate my eyes, they don't sit well under my makeup, or they don't layer well with my other skincare products. But this MDNA Eye Serum doesn't create ANY of those problems. 


4) Moisturize

My every day moisturizer is the MDNA Skin Reinvention Cream ($75).

 This moisturizer makes my skin feel and look amazing. It is soothing and incredibly hydrating. This cream is basically magic -- it functions as a toner, serum, moisturizer, and a mask all in one. We love doing the most for our skin! 

You can get this moisturizer here for $75. 

And that's it for my skincare routine! I do love a good skin treatment though, and you can check out my favorites here for extra self-care.  I'm always up for a face mask!

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